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If you are responsible for organising the corporate party this holiday, then you know coming up with ideas can be a monumental task. How can you pick a venue that everyone will love and offers excellent food and drink so that you can have a genuinely excellent evening away from the office? Thankfully a work party in San Diego is actually easier than you might think, so to help with your corporate planning, here are more great venues to consider taking the whole office this holiday season.

1.  The Nolen

The perfect venue for a more traditional sit-down meal, The Nolen is a stunning setting featuring a rooftop bar and lounge in downtown San Diego. You’ll enjoy a stunning vista, an easy to access venue, and some delicious food and drinks choices. If you are looking for somewhere that has plenty of views and still offers a high-end experience then this is definitely worth checking out. The party menu comes with a range of mouthwatering choices, and your team can either sit around the tables or mingle with a variety of finger food.

2. Scripps Seaside Forum

For something a little different, the Scripps Seaside Forum has a fantastic location set right on the waterfront and give you a beachside adventure with an amazing backdrop. There is state of the art presentation equipment meaning this is also an excellent location for a team-building day, and you can either kickback and party or combine some great food with a bit of corporate chatter for an exciting evening or day out. The beach will never be the same again, and before you know it, you will be planning your next trip at the Scripps very soon.

3. Punch Bowl Social

If you have foodies in your team, they are going to love the cuisine on offer at Punch Bowl Social. A riot of color and flavour there is so much to choose from, and they have the perfect events room for larger parties. They also offer some great activities, with private karaoke, bowling, table games and a vintage arcade giving you something for everyone, in a great downtown location. The menu is extensive with something for everyone, and the Punch Bowl Social is more than happy to cater for special food requirements such as gluten-free, and there is also a great choice of veggie options. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a corporate location with a wide pallet of food options, the Punch Bowl Social should be your number one choice.

Transporting Your Office To The Party  

Once you’ve found the perfect location, it is time to make sure your team can get there! Guaranteeing your team’s safety should be the number priority, especially after a long night of eating and drinking. For this reason we recommend a private chauffeur service like Epic Limo. We have a range of options to fit any size party. The most popular being our stretch limousines for that classic luxury look. For larger groups that love to dance, we recommend any of our party buses. Having a private chauffeur means you can kick back and enjoy the ride. No more worries about who is the designated drivers or relying on cabs at the end of the evening. We take care of everything from door to door, and the party can continue while you enjoy the fun we have to offer and travel in style.